Southern Crossing News

Volunteers Are the Heart of Southern Crossing



It’s been four years since Steve Kingsbury first began volunteering his time to bring the dream of Southern Crossing to life.


He was there at the very beginning, identifying what needed to be done to turn the remnants of the old White House Motel on US-301 into a beacon of hope that would provide transitional housing and services to Southern Maryland’s working poor.


As the Volunteer Construction Site Supervisor, he has helped lead a generous and tireless group of volunteers, without whom Southern Crossing would not be possible.


Kingsbury is a member of La Plata United Methodist Church, and he’s particularly proud of how so many faith-based groups along with other members of the community have worked closely, side by side, each step of the way.


From cleaning out and demolishing the existing space to helping build out the new residences and getting it ready to open its doors, it’s been a massive undertaking. All told, our volunteers have helped save $750,000 in labor expenses, allowing us to use that money in other ways to help build a place that makes a true difference in our community.


It goes without saying that Southern Crossing could never happen without the selfless contributions of our volunteers. We’re so thankful for all their hard work.