Southern Crossing News

More Exciting Progress at Southern Crossing



The chilly winter weather isn’t slowing us down at Southern Crossing. We continue to be impressed by the hard work and productivity that we see each day from our partners and volunteers. 


They are truly bringing Southern Crossing to life, and it’s so rewarding to know that the progress we see taking place right now will make such an incredible difference in the lives of those who will live at Southern Crossing.


In our main building, our friends at Southernwood have designed and built the new cupola. Unused windows have been enclosed and the remaining windows are installed.  The large columns that line the front of the building are in place, and siding and brickwork are complete. The building is looking amazing.


Things are also happening quickly on Buildings A and B, where the new columns have been installed and siding installation completed. Windows and gutters are also in place across each of these buildings. We’ve begun digging for plumbing and, inside the units, laundry closets have been framed.


Work has also begun on Building C, and windows have already been installed.  


We’re making great progress, but we’re not there yet. We’d be so grateful for your support to help us complete this ambitious project so we can bring help, hope and home to those in our community who need it most!