Southern Crossing News

B’s Plumbing Steps Up to
Help Complete Southern Crossing




It started late last year when we began putting out the call for expert plumbers to help us carry out the necessary renovations at the abandoned motel that, day by day, is becoming Southern Crossing.


We asked our followers on Facebook. We reached out to our contractor friends and our volunteers. Eventually, word started to get around.


Brooke Matthews, a master plumber and owner of B’s Plumbing & Appliance Installation, received an email about it. Then he heard about it again at his church, First Baptist Church of St. Charles. The more he learned, the more he felt compelled to join this growing effort.


“This is a great way to give back to our community,” he said.


Southern Crossing project manager Brent Compton said that B’s Plumbing will handle the remaining interior plumbing projects, including providing and installing the water and waste piping and fixtures that will serve each of the residences.


This is just one more example of the Southern Maryland community coming together to make this dream a reality. Every day, we are closer to welcoming our first residents and giving those people a place to call home and a “hand up” that can help them create real and meaningful transformation in their lives.


We are so grateful to the team at B’s Plumbing and to all of the local businesses and individual volunteers who continue to dedicate their time and energy to this very worthy cause.